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Our Best Price Guarantee

The Travel Office Best Price Guarantee applies to every show, attraction, lodging, and package sold on!

How do I qualify?

If at the time of booking with us you find a lower price (including taxes, booking fees, service charges, etc.), it must be: a rate that is available to the general public, accessible via a website we can access, using the same point of sale, and must match the same terms, conditions, and cancellation policy of The Travel Office – we will do our very best to match it.

Our “Best Price Guarantee” is not applicable to prices that aren’t readily available to the general public (including, but not limited to), corporate/business customers, members of the military, organizations like AAA or AARP, senior specials, groups or conventions, wholesale sites or companies, convention rates, and items purchased through coupon promotions, and loyalty/reward programs.

Items that have been partially refunded or cancelled by The Travel Office or others, rates received as part of promotional packages are excluded from this Best Price Guarantee.

How do I get my price match?

Just contact us at 1-800-504-0115 at the time of booking and let us know where you found the price so we can verify and we will do our best to match the price.

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