Country’s Family Reunion

Country’s Family Reunion

35 reviews
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Country’s Family Reunion

About the show...

Larry Black and Bill Anderson present two nights of the best country music with their popular “Country’s Family Reunion” LIVE show in Branson, MO!


About the show...

Larry Black and Bill Anderson present two nights of the best country music with their popular “Country’s Family Reunion” LIVE show in Branson, MO!

Country’s Family Reunion LIVE in Branson!

Join the legendary country music icon Bill Anderson and the host of the show Larry Black – as you take part in an incredible show that features some of the most popular, iconic, and timeless country songs of all time!

Living Legends Performing Their Biggest Hits!

See some of country music’s most popular performers as they tell the stories behind their songs, joke, and share some of their favorite songs and music in an incredible once-in-a-lifetime performance!

You’ll hear behind-the-scenes stories, hilarious tales, and gain some insight behind some of country’s most unforgettable and popular music!

Hosted by Larry Black & Bill Anderson!

Legendary country artist Bill Anderson joins alongside Larry Black, for an unforgettable LIVE show that you won’t want to miss!

These performances have created some of the most amazing and incredible moments in country music, and offers you the rare chance to be a part of history in the making!

As Seen on RFD-TV!

With a hugely popular fan base, the show has been seen by millions around the country with it’s airings on RFD-TV and popularized by Larry’s other special Branson show “Larry’s Country Diner LIVE!” (which can also be seen LIVE in Branson!).

Two Nights Only This Fall!

Don’t miss the chance to see Larry, Bill, and other unexpected country music icons as they take to the Branson stage for a very special two-night set of performances this fall in Branson, Missouri at the iconic Mansion Theatre!

Because of the limited dates and seating, advance reservations are highly recommended and strongly encouraged!

For tickets, questions, or reservations:
Call now: 1 (800) 504-0115 Reserve My Seats!

Country’s Family Reunion

35 reviews

35 reviews for Country’s Family Reunion

  1. Dona Collins

    So disappointed that Country Family Reunion is not scheduled for 2021. It is the best show on tv.

  2. RogerMefford

    A warm and wonderful country music show that i will miss very much.
    Without it, I don’t have a single reason to watch RFD TV

  3. Steve Toombs

    Cfr is the best show on TV. Truly the only one I looked forward to each week. I certainly hope it’s back soon



  5. Paulette

    Great show,nice to hear something good.

  6. joann ferrell

    Best show to watch on friday night enjoy all the singers that forgot about

  7. Linda Sanders

    My husband anI both will truly miss Country’s Family Reunion. Best show on tv. We loved it, loved it, loved it. So sad it had to go away.

  8. Frances Fleishour

    I am so disappointed that country family reunion has been taken off tv. I am 86 years old and a trip to Branson is a little hard to manage. But my Saturday nights were always planned on watching RFD. Also enjoyed the other old shows. Hope someone changes there mind and puts them back on. Thank you so much. I have my fingers crossed

  9. Carolyn

    Both my husband and I are 85 years old and we loved Country Family Reunion, looked forward to it every Friday Night Why did you take it off? You had so many viewers that liked that show, so it seems we are being dictated to as to what shows when can watch, that was a good family show.

  10. Tonia Montoya

    I’m so disappointed that they took the show off TV RFD

  11. David spradling

    I watched every week and enjoyed all the shows, especially the one where they featured songwriters! I don’t have any reason to watch RFD channel anymore.

  12. Randy wilson

    Great show. My wife and I used it as date night. Rfd tv dropped ball when they dropped this show

  13. Bill Brown

    So disappointed in RFD. No Family Reunion? Need to continue past early years of this program. Only reason to watch RFD.

  14. DiAnna Thingelstaf

    Can’t believe Country Family Reunion is not scheduled! The main reason I watch RFD channel.
    5 star with CFR…

  15. Gerri Wadsworth

    I can’t believe RFD took the best show ever!!!off the tv on fri eve’s… it was enjoyment to sing along with the older songs, etc…spoiled my reason to watch RFD

  16. Dianne

    My husband and I enjoyed watching Larry’s Country Diner and Country Family Reunion every Saturday night. If we were busy, we taped it. I enjoyed the other country music shows on Friday and Saturday nights also, but have no reason to watch RFD-TV without them. Very very disappointing!

  17. Barb

    So sorry and very sad Country Family Reunion is no longer on RFD. My mom is 93 and loved watching it every week. I really hope it comes back.


    I sure do miss this show it was one of the best on RFD

  19. Stan Freymuth

    Tell your advertisers that with no CFR, I’ll not watch RFD.

  20. Sandra Self

    We watched it weekly and loved it. It’s really sad that you have taken away a good family show without the use of vulgarity and the junk that’s on now. You have no idea what joy that show brought to people. Only reason I have RFD, time to discontinue. The channel.

  21. wilma d. smith

    I looked forward every week for Larrys Country Diner and Countrys Family Reunion. I hope it comes back. I dont have any reason to watcj RFD for anything else. Please, Larry and Bill, bring it back.

  22. Ernie Jones

    I have watched CFR for many years and I cant believe it was taken off the air with so many people enjoying it.
    I guess it was not trashy enough to show anymore.
    We really enjoyed the Wednesday night prayer meetings.
    We can only hope that maybe it will come back on again so that we will have at least one show clean enough to watch !!

  23. Barb and Gordon

    Please bring back country family reunion, it is the best country music show on tv. It has left a big void in our weekly routine. We miss it so much

  24. Tina Harrell

    I agree with everyone, I want country reunion back!! I too looked forward to watching it every Friday night!!

  25. Royal Journey

    I say diddo to all the reviews. Get the reunion back, is the only decent show on TV. R Journey

  26. Harry

    Please bring back Family Country Reunion for all us old folk who remember REAL GOOD MUSIC.

  27. Viola Browning

    Bring it back. Best family show on tv.

  28. Don Meisinger

    We watched it every episode for a long time. I would think that Nashville exec’s and CMA would have an incentive to promote interest in Country Music. CFR was a great representation of the qualities and personalities of Country music. I would suggest it be associated with the Grand Ole Opry.

  29. Joann Massengale

    We loved watching Country Family Reunion. We often watched it on Thursday night and also again on Saturday night. One of the best shows on tv…. very disappointed that it has been dropped!!

  30. Loretta Lively

    I’m so disappointed that they took Country Family reunion, what were they thinking!!! I’m praying that they realize how much the fans are very upset about their decision to do this, tell them to set up a suggestion box for the fans to let them know how much we loved the show, please have them to bring the show back, the people and the guests became our family, i sure do miss the show

  31. Billy Elliott

    I do love to watch CFR I love to hear the stories and the songs. And I’m one of those that gets the monthly digital subscription as well as keeping the disc of the month. There’s just nothing like having the disc that you can play when you’re up in the mountains camping, or in other places where you don’t get WiFi or tv signal.

  32. CAS

    I am greatly disappointed to see that Country’s Family Reunion will not be on the schedule this year. We could sure use it! Although it probably means it won’t be back at all, I will pray for it to return later. Thanks to Bill Anderson and all the Country’s Family to the years of great music & stories.

  33. T Schoessow

    The rating was for the program, not the news that CFR has not been scheduled for 2021. I’m very disappointed to read that news. I hope it returns!

  34. Shirley Flynn Parrish

    The Best show on TV we miss it so much pray it will come back, PLEASE BRING IT BACK

  35. Lila Shafer

    Best show on TV. Only reason to watch RFD. Loved seeing all the singers, hearing the good old songs, there’s no other show than can come close. Was good, clean, and positive entertainment for all of us oldies! Was great while it lasted. Could watch all the reruns over again!

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