The Sight & Sound Theatre has released a couple video previews of their upcoming Jonah show in Branson, MO

The anticipation is building for the premiere of Jonah in Branson at the Sight & Sound Theatre for the upcoming 2014 show season. If you have ever had the chance to catch any of their productions in Branson (which have included: Joseph, Noah, and the Miracle of Christmas) – you can appreciate what remarkable and amazing productions that they can create.

In 2014, Jonah will be coming to town – debuting for the first time ever in the Midwest, the show has become one of the most talked-about and anticipated events of the year.

The theatre has put together a a few teasers that might whet your appetite and entice you to see Jonah as it premieres for the very first time outside of Pennsylvania.

Jonah Show Trailer

Jonah Premieres in Branson at Sight & Sound Theatre

For more information about the upcoming season’s show, information, tickets, or show calendar – visit our page for the Jonah show in Branson or you can give us a call toll-free at 1-800-504-0115.