A brand-new, interactive, animal attraction opens its doors this spring in Branson!

While the facility in Eagle Rock provides a one-of-a-kind drive-thru experience, the Promised Land Zoo’s new Branson location will allow you to get up-close with many animals and interact with animals from all around the world.

The new property will feature small and baby exotic animals – giving visitors a hands-on look at some of the most fascinating and interesting creatures in the world.

The Promised Land Zoo in Branson, Missouri will be open and welcoming guests this Spring!

The Promised Land Zoo in Branson, Missouri will be open and welcoming guests this Spring!

Currently under construction on Shepherd of the Hills Expressway

With a tentative opening date scheduled for sometime in March or April, the grounds of the facility are already starting to take shape. The main buildings have been erected and construction continues to shape what will surely be one of the area’s most talked about things to do this year.

Situated on one of the three main roads that run through Branson, the zoo is located in the heart of town – providing easy access no matter where you’re staying.

Exclusive, interactive exhibits unlike those seen at any other zoo!

Because of the small size and the state-of-the-art building, the Promised Land Zoo will offer a number of activities that you may not see anywhere else in the world. In addition to being able to view the animals in an intimate setting, there will also be:

  • Live animal shows – throughout the day the zoo will host interactive live shows where you can learn about many of the animals and see them up-close.
  • Parakeet Paradise – where you have the chance to feed hundreds of parakeets in this totally awe-inspiring section
  • Barnyard Petting Zoo – just like you may remember when you were growing up, this portion of the attraction allows you to feed, pet, and brush many of the animals in the park.
  • Keeper Talks – learn new and interesting educational items about many of the creatures you will find on-site
  • Critter Cart – where you can discover small and unique animals which you may have never seen before!
  • Bottle Feedings – sure to be one of the most popular draws, this will allow visitors to bottle feed rare and amazing animals first-hand!
  • Exclusive Encounters – the premiere experience, visit one-on-one with some of the most-loved and popular animals including monkeys, baby cats (lions or tigers), and much more!

One of the most exciting attractions to open in Branson this year!

The Promised Land Zoo has a brand-new location and building in Branson!

The Promised Land Zoo has a brand-new location and building in Branson!

You may have passed the Promised Land Zoo on your way to Eureka Springs in Arkansas. In 2013, the company will be opening its second facility right in the heart of town!

The opening of Branson’s Promised Land Zoo is certain to be one of the highlights of the area’s options to see and do while you are here . Perfect for people of all ages, this will provide something for you to talk about when you return home!

Stay tuned for updates on opening dates, schedule, and other news

As information about the zoo’s opening and operating schedule is released, we will post it here – so be sure to check back often as this will be something you won’t want to miss on your next trip!