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The most incredible mansions, vacation homes, and villas you can rent… for under $100 per night!

Traveling in luxury doesn’t have to be expensive… you just need the right research, some planning, and a little flexibility in order to make it happen. 🙂

Browsing through VRBO, we’ve rounded up some of the most incredible deals and bargains on some of the most luxurious vacation rentals and mansions you can stay at in the United States.

If you can round up some of your friends and family to join you, there might not be a more affordable way to vacation in true luxury.

Bowling Alley Mansion

(Four Corners, Florida)

Per Person: $82.92/night
Sleeps: 24

Yes, this property includes a bowling alley inside – in addition to an amazing outdoor pool and modern furnishings and decor throughout!

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Bowling Alley Mansion

Yes, that’s a bowling alley inside!

Bowling Alley Mansion Game Room

Just check out that game room, who wouldn’t have fun staying here?!

Bowling Alley Mansion Outdoor Pool

Definitely would be fun to take a dip here!

Smithfield Canyon Home

(Smithfield, Utah)

Per Person: $26.67/night
Sleeps: 70

17,000 square feet of space for you to enjoy on your next vacation, this private vacation home is truly remarkable. From the indoor play area to the giant floorplan, it offers a once-in-a-lifetime stay that you surely won’t ever forget!

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Smithfield Canyon Home

The mansion sprawls more than 17,000 square feet!

Smithfield Canyon Home Indoor Treehouse

It even has an indoor treehouse!

Smithfield Canyon Home Great Room

It would be so easy to do some relaxing in the Great Room

The Palace

(Four Corners, Florida)

Per Person: $57.41/night
Sleeps: 34

Another property from Four Corners, Florida – this mansion vacation rental sprawls nearly 12,000 square feet and includes custom theater and game rooms!

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The Palace Theater Room

One-of-a-kind theater room!

The Palace Indoor Basketball Court

It even includes an indoor basketball court!

The Palace Living Space

The living space features crystal chandeliers and granite end tables

Twickenham House Destination Mansion

(Jefferson, North Carolina)

Per Person: $62.50/night
Sleeps: 40

Boasting 11,000 square feet of space and sitting on 400+ acres, this beautiful estate provides breathtaking mountain views and plenty of space for everyone to have a really luxurious and relaxing getaway.

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Twickenham House

Twickenham House

Twickenham House Indoor Pool

Sparkling, beautiful indoor pool

Twickenham House Guest House

Even the guest house is incredible!

Desert Ridge Estate

(Indio, California)

Per Person: $83/night
Sleeps: 30

With incredible views, unbelievable landscaping and outdoor areas, and room enough to sleep up to 20 people – this remarkable home provides a luxurious getaway perfect whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or even as a corporate retreat.

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Incredible Pool & Mountain Views

Incredible Pool & Mountain Views

The House Entryway

The House Entryway

The hot tub looks like it would fit everyone traveling!

The hot tub looks like it would fit everyone traveling!

Lake Travis House

(Austin, Texas)

Per Person: $98.63/night
Sleeps: 22

Marketed as a wedding venue, this modern vacation home would no doubt make the perfect place to get away for any type of occasion.

The updated furnishings, large and spacious living areas, and comfortable setting would make this definitely a top pick for getting together.

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Lake Travis House

Lake Travis House features amazing interior and exterior

Lake Travis House Living Room

Not too shabby, definitely wouldn’t mind hanging out here

Lake Travis House Bathroom

Even the bathrooms are gorgeous

Grand Ritz Palm

(Carolina Dunes, North Carolina)

Sleeps: 26
Per Person: $95.19/night

This mansion features beautiful landscaping, an impressive facade, and incredible pool areas – making it the perfect place if you’re looking for a place to stay during the warmer months.

via VRBO

Grand Ritz Palm

Quite the first impression

Grand Ritz Palm Aerial View

Even from the air it’s jaw-dropping

Grand Ritz Palm Pool

There’s plenty of water for everyone to enjoy

Christopher Place

(Newport, Tennessee)

Sleeps: 20
Per Person: $62.50/night

Sitting in the heart of the Smoky Mountains, this colonial-style mansion offers sweeping views of the famous mountains – with a comfortable and cozy interior that everyone will surely fall in love with.

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Christopher Place

Christopher Place

Christopher Place Library

Who wouldn’t mind hanging out in here?

Christopher Place Views of the Smoky Mountains

Seriously… just look at the views of the Smoky Mountains!

Bristlecone Lodge House

(Breckenridge, Colorado)

Sleeps: 30
Per Person: $81.67/night

Ski getaways don’t get much better than this rustic 8,300 square foot ski lodge – featuring ski in and ski out access, an incredible fire pit, and views on all sides of the surrounding mountains.

via VRBO

Bristlecone Lodge House Firepit & Hot Tub

Relax in the hot tub or around the fire pit

Bristlecone Lodge House

View of the mountains from all sides of the house

Bristlecone Lodge House Interior

Beautiful, rustic interiors

Wilson Creek Manor

(Temecula, California)

Sleeps: 34
Per Person: $97.92/night

With a gated entry, INCREDIBLE bridal suite, and plenty of room for all the travelers to have their own space and privacy – this mansion offers an incredible way to stay in luxury.

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Wilson Creek Manor

Simply stunning.

Wilson Creek Manor Bridal Suite

1,600 square foot bridal suite!

Wilson Creek Manor Living Area

Gigantic and spacious living and commons areas!

Rancho Del Fresco

(Rancho Santa Fe, California)

Sleeps: 28
Per Person: $82/night

Featuring an incredible 15,000 square feet of space, this new Spanish-style compound boasts incredible scenery and well-appointed luxury throughout the entire property (and guest house).

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Rancho Del Fresco Courtyard

The open and spacious courtyard

Rancho Del Fresco Master Bathroom

Gorgeous master bathroom suite

Rancho Del Fresco Guest House

Beautifully-landscaped pathway to the guest house

9 Bedroom Heavenly Mansion

(South Lake Tahoe, California)

Sleeps: 26
Per Person: $86.54/night

This one-of-a-kind mansion features 9 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, an indoor pool, 70″ TVs, and custom work throughout – in addition to its spectacular and unique design that is the epitome of luxury and style.

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Heavenly Mansion

9 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, + an indoor pool

Heavenly Mansion Indoor Pool

Awe-inspiring indoor pool

Heavenly Mansion Bathroom

Modern luxury throughout the entire property

“As Sweet As Possible”

(Destin, Florida)

Sleeps: 32
Per Person: $66.53/night

One of the most breathtaking mansions available for rental in the Destin area, this enormous property offers unmatched luxury in one of Florida’s most popular vacation spots.

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"As Sweet As Possible"

“As Sweet As Possible” mansion vacation rental

"As Sweet As Possible" Pool Area

Stunning pool area

"As Sweet As Possible" Kitchen

Luxurious and modern kitchen

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