Oak Ridge Boys

Oak Ridge Boys

3 reviews
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Oak Ridge Boys

About the show...

See the original members of the Oak Ridge Boys LIVE in Branson for a performance you won’t ever forget!

What everyone is saying...
"You’ll love it and the price is fantastic for such a group of talented people."
– Nancy M.
"I would recommend anyone to go and see them... they still haven’t lost their touch."
– Fred D.
"Would definitely go again."
– Fred D.Betty

About the show...

See the original members of the Oak Ridge Boys LIVE in Branson for a performance you won’t ever forget!

The Oak Ridge Boys LIVE in Branson!

One of the most enduring and popular country groups of all time, the Oak Ridge Boys celebrate more than 50 years of performing together in a show that is sure to be the highlight of your trip!

For more than 50 years, the Oak Ridge Boys have producing some of the most popular and distinctive-sounding music to be heard anywhere – now you can see them LIVE on stage at their own theatre in Branson, Missouri!

50+ Years of Entertainment!

Originally a gospel group that transitioned to country music and even crossed genres with their work with some of the biggest names in pop and rock music, their music remains as relevant as ever.

Still made up of the band’s original members (William Lee Golden, Duane Allen, Joe Bonsall, & Richard Sterben), they deliver some of their biggest hits and chart-topping singles in a performance that you won’t want to miss!

Performing alongside each other since the 70s, the current lineup shows what passion and dedication the group has for performing – and they continue to deliver an amazing series of shows at their home in Branson at the Oak Ridge Boys Theatre.

One of the Most Successful Groups of All Time!

Throughout their long history of music-making the group has been recognized around the world and received awards from the music industry’s most respected organizations.

They have received 5 Grammy awards, 8 Dove Awards, 4 Country Music Association (CMA) Awards, 2 Academy of Country Music Awards (ACMA) – in addition to being one of the most commercially-successful acts in country and gospel music.

Chart-Topping Hits!

Their impressive catalog of songs has created a string of chart-topping singles and includes many that you know by heart (and many which have become classics):

  • “Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight” – #1 hit
  • “Trying to Love Two Women” – #1 hit
  • “Elvira” – #1 hit
  • “(I’m Setting’) Fancy Free” – #1 hit
  • “Bobbie Sue” – #1 hit
  • “American Made” – #1 hit
  • “Love Song” – #1 hit
  • “No Matter How High” – #1 hit
  • “Thank God for Kids” – #3 hit

and dozens others which have either hit #1 or placed atop the music charts.

The volume of music that they have produced is in itself an amazing feat, with dozens of songs and albums released over the years – they continue to remain as popular as ever and appeal to new generations of fans.

Celebrating 40 Years With the Current Line-Up

In 2013, a remarkable feat was accomplished when the group celebrated 40 years of performing together as the current line-up.

Continuing their tradition of delivering some of the best concerts and shows you will ever see, visitors to Branson have the chance to catch them perform throughout the year in their very own theatre!

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Oak Ridge Boys

3 reviews

3 reviews for Oak Ridge Boys

  1. Fred D.

    We were to Branson in September of 2010 and were able to get tickets to the Oak Ridge Boys show. We had ordered tickets early enough so we had like 6th row seats. What a show those guys put on. Really good clean family show, but what else could one expect from a real classy group of guys. I would recommend anyone to go and see them. They may be growing older like the rest of us, but they still haven’t lost their touch.

  2. Nancy M.

    The Oaks NEVER disappoint. A clean mix of country, gospel, old tunes and new. Lots of laughs from the stage and WHAT A BAND they have backing them up! The “Mighty Oaks Band” is full of talented guys — from the piano of Chris Nole to the steel guitar (what a virtuoso — he PLAYS EVERYTHING), to the bass player and the drummer and lead guitar are superb. What a show!

    You’ll love it and the price is fantastic for such a group of talented people.

  3. Betty

    My late husband had been to one of their concerts and always wanted to take me so on March 22, 2003, the Oak Ridge Boys had a Show on a weekend. This was also my daughters birthday so we made plans in early January to go in March. Sadly my husband passed away the 22nd of January that year. However the kids talked me into going. It was bittersweet but we thoroughly enjoyed the show. To make it better due to an error in our booking we were given front row seats. Would definitely go again.

  4. jackandclaire hayes

    been going to see shows for ten years good clean show .we are now 84 years young. and hope to keep coming back to branson from winnipeg man. canada. no matter how many times i hear alvira i still gat goose bumps. if we can keep going at our age so can the oakridge boys .amen

  5. Connie S Snider

    We come to Branson quite often due to my husband born & raised there. But one of our favorite trips is getting to see the Oakridge Boys. The have such good rapport with the audience. The music is always wonderful & the show gives you such a feel good feeling. We have seen several shows. Thank you Oakridge Boys for still performing.

  6. Theresa

    Just seen the Oak Ridge Boys for the very first time last week. They did not disappoint! I was so happy to finally get to here Alvira in person. I definitely recommend
    this show. They are the good ole boys! I will definitely see them again!!

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Oak Ridge Boys

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