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Branson, Missouri is one of the top family vacation spots in the country – with plenty of fun kids shows, attractions, and things to do while you’re here!

There are few vacation destinations that offer the wholesome and family-friendly experience that you’ll find when you visit Branson. It’s a perfect place to bring children and family because of the wide variety of things to see and do here. From roller coasters and museums to magic and comedy shows, there’s plenty of fun places to see and things to do for the kids!

No matter what time of year (or what the ages of the kids you’re bringing), you can easily fill your next trip to Branson with memories that they’ll keep forever!

We’ve rounded up some of the best options that can help get you started planning the perfect getaway for the family. We’ve broken it down by category (first by shows and then by attractions) to help you make planning as easy as possible.

You may also want to check out our list of kids shows in Branson, our Branson show schedules, or the dozens of attractions you can experience while you’re visiting – all with current pricing, schedules, and more!

1. Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Show

Hamners' Uneblievable Variety Show

Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Show features magic, dancing, comedy, ventriloquism, and more!

The kids will love Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Show – featuring magic, singing, dancing, variety acts, and some of the funniest comedy you’ll ever get the chance to see!

Featuring the incredible illusions and magic of Dave and Denise Hamner – this show features some of the most incredible talent you will ever see performed on any stage!

2. Amazing Pets Show

Amazing Pets Show

Amazing Pets is a morning show that is fun for all ages!

The children will love the funny and entertaining Amazing Pets show that features a menagerie of animals from dogs to cats in a comedic performance that’s sure to keep everyone laughing!

One of the few morning shows in Branson, you will still have plenty of time for things to do in the afternoon and evening.

3. Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai

Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai

Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai features amazing feats of strength, agility, and acrobatics!

The Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai features an exotic mix of some of the best acrobatic and agile performers from the East! Be amazed and astounded by the abilities of the cast as they bend, twist, and contort themselves into positions that you just need to see to believe!

It’s as entertaining for the adults as it is for the kids!

4. Buckets ‘n Boards

Buckets 'n Boards

Buckets ‘n Boards is a comedy, music, and percussion show unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

One of Branson’s newest shows for the family, Buckets ‘n Boards will keep you entertained and laughing as the two hosts of the show take you on a musical and comedic journey featuring their hilarious antics, impressive musical skills, and amazing percussion talents!

Making music (and fun) out of ordinary, everyday objects – this show is a great choice for kids (and audiences) of all ages.

5. Dolly Parton’s Stampede

Dixie Stampede in Branson

Dolly Parton’s Stampede features a live show, food, music, and one of the most entertaining shows in Branson!

As one of the most popular shows for kids and adults alike, Dolly Parton’s Stampede (formerly Dixie Stampede) features a fun combination of singing, dancing, horse riding and out-of-this-world food!

From the pre-show until the moment the curtain goes down, you’ll see why this show is easily one of the most popular choices among Branson visitors!

6. SIX Show

SIX Show in Branson

All voices, no instruments – the vocal group SIX will blow you away with their amazing music!

Where’s the band?! No band here, just a group of six brothers putting on one of the most popular new shows to hit Branson! Using only their voices, SIX will entertain the whole family with their amazing renditions of songs and the crazy hijinks of the brothers!

7. Rick Thomas Magic Show

Rick Thomas Magic

Experience the incredible illusions and magic of Rick Thomas in this unbelievable show!

Showman extraordinaire and master magician Rick Thomas will amaze you with his unbelievable feats of illusion, magic, and showmanship!

Touring the world with his act, he has been on TV’s Rachel Ray show, toured Broadway, Australia, Asia, and around the globe – it’s a must-see show that has Branson audiences raving!

8. Reza’s Magic Show

Reza is now performing his incredible magic show LIVE on stage in Branson, MO!

Reza is now performing his incredible magic show LIVE on stage in Branson, MO!

You may have seen him on “Duck Dynasty,” MTV, A&E, or one of his many appearances on TV specials or in theatres and stadiums around the world – now Branson visitors have the chance to see master magician and illusionist Reza LIVE in Branson!

From up-close tricks to full-stage productions, the show offers unbelievable entertainment that is sure to wow the kids and leave everyone in disbelief!

9. The Haygoods’ Show

The popular Haygoods' show features singing, dancing, music, pyrotechnics, and lighting effects to create a one-of-a-kind, can't miss show!

The popular Haygoods’ show features singing, dancing, music, pyrotechnics, and lighting effects to create a one-of-a-kind, can’t miss show!

One of Branson’s most popular music shows, The Haygoods deliver non-stop energy, music, singing, dancing, and stage effects to create one of the most unforgettable LIVE stage shows ever produced in Branson, Missouri!

From their humble beginnings at Silver Dollar City to headlining on the famous Highway 76 “Strip,” the group continues to perform to sold-out audiences with their incredible show!

10. Jim Barber’s Comedy & Ventriloquism Show

Jim Barber brings his comedy, ventriloquism, and showmanship back to the Branson stage in this all-new show!

Jim Barber brings his comedy, ventriloquism, and showmanship back to the Branson stage in this all-new show!

One of Branson’s most beloved entertainers returns with his all-new show!

Comedy, ventriloquism, and some of the best entertainment to be seen anywhere takes center stage with Jim Barber’s new stage production!

Fun for all ages, Jim will have you rolling with laughter in the aisles before the final curtain closes!

Fun Branson Attractions for Kids

11. Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City Fireman's Landing

Fireman’s Landing, Roller Coasters, a Steam Train, Shopping, LIVE Shows, and Festivals can be found at Silver Dollar City theme park in Branson!

One of the “don’t miss” items on your list should be Silver Dollar City, an 1880’s-styled theme park that features food, roller coasters, rides, and crafts in a huge park set against the Ozark Mountains. Plan on spending the whole day (or two) exploring the park as you are taken back in time. If you’re looking for a great deal, be sure to give us a call for our “2 Days for the Price of 1” special!

12. Branson Zipline & Canopy Tours

Branson Zipline & Canopy Tours

An exciting and thrilling adventure awaits riders at Branson’s Zipline & Canopy Tours!

Soar through the treetops of the Ozark Mountains as you experience the outdoors in an outdoor adventure that compares to no other! As one of the newest attractions in town, Branson Zipline & Canopy Tours offers a great way to experience the beauty (and thrills) of the area!

13. White Water

White Water Branson

No better way to cool off in Branson than visiting the area’s most popular water park!

The Midwest’s largest outdoor water park, White Water water park sits on 12 acres right in the heart of Branson! From the giant wave pool to slippery slides, you can have a ton of fun in the sun at this great summertime attraction! Just like Silver Dollar City, be sure to call us for our “2 Days for the Price of 1” tickets!

14. The Hollywood Entertainment Center

Hollywood Wax Museum Branson

Get up-close with your favorite stars and celebrities, take a thrilling 5D ride, navigate a mirror maze, and play a round of mini golf!

Located at the Hollywood Wax Museum, Hannah’s Mirror Maze, Shoot for the Stars mini-golf, and the Castle of Chaos thrill ride would all make great additions to your itinerary. All of these are located in one centralized complex and provide a quick way to have some fun while you’re here, and no reservations are required!

15. Ride the Ducks

Ride the Ducks Branson

Take a land and sea sightseeing tour of Branson aboard Ride the Ducks!

Take a tour of the town aboard this unique amphibious vehicle! Able to go both on land and water, Branson’s Ride the Ducks offers an unmatched way to see the sights of the city and visit one of the Branson area lakes!

16. Titanic Museum Attraction

Titanic Branson

Visit the world’s largest Titanic attraction – featuring interactive exhibits and artifacts from the famous ship!

See artifacts from one of the greatest oceanic tragedies of all time in this educational and interactive exhibit that features actual artifacts and stories from the ship that sunk 100 years ago. The Branson Titanic Museum is one of the top attractions to visit while you’re in town!

17. Branson’s Wild World & Aquarium

Branson's Wild World & Aquarium is the area's only indoor animal exhibit and the only aquarium attraction in Branson, Missouri!

Branson’s Wild World & Aquarium is the area’s only indoor animal exhibit and the only aquarium attraction in Branson, Missouri!

Experience something completely different at Branson’s Wild World & Aquarium!

Featuring exotic animals, crawly creatures, sharks, sea turtles, and the only aquarium attraction in Branson – it offers year-round fun for all ages!

Sitting inside a gigantic 20,000+ square foot facility, you can escape the elements and enjoy a fun and educational attraction that offers a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t want to miss!

18. The Runaway Mountain Coaster

The Runaway Mountain Coaster

Experience the Ozark Mountains like never before as you twist, turn, and zoom down the mountainside!

Experience Branson’s original Alpine Coaster when you take a ride on the Runaway Mountain Coaster at Adventure Park!

View the beauty of the Ozark Mountains as you’re transported safely to the top of a ridge before twisting and turning down the mountainside!

Perfect for even the youngest riders (who can ride along with an adult), it’s a thrilling one-of-a-kind experience that you can’t miss on your visit!

19. Branson Ferris Wheel

Branson Ferris Wheel

Shipped direct from Chicago’s Navy Pier, this iconic attraction now makes its home in Branson!

Direct from Chicago’s famous Navy Pier, the Branson Ferris Wheel allows you to catch a view of Branson like you’ve never before seen!

Towering over the popular Entertainment District, the Ferris Wheel takes you up and gives you a never-before-seen vantage point with sweeping views of the town and the area’s beautiful landscape.

20. The Fun Spot at Grand Country

Grand Country Fun Spot

A family fun center, The Fun Spot provides hours of entertainment – with plenty to do for all ages!

The Fun Spot is one of Branson’s most fun place to take the kids!

Featuring laser tag, arcade games, miniature golf, and indoor soft play area (as well as a pizza buffet and frozen custard inside) – it provides hours of fun anytime of year, especially for the really warm or cold days you might be in Branson!

21. Promised Land Zoo

Promised Land Zoo Branson

One of the most memorable and unique things to do in Branson, the Promised Land Zoo provides you with an up-close encounter with some of the most amazing animals in the world!

One of the largest attractions in Branson, the Promised Land Zoo offers an amazing and unique up-close experience with some of the most exotic animals on the planet!

Encounter these incredible creatures in a one-of-a-kind exhibit that provides fun, education, and will make memories you won’t ever forget!

22. Fritz’s Indoor Adventure Park

Fritz's Adventure is an indoor adventure park and playground that features everything from ropes courses to slides and rock climbing walls!

Fritz’s Adventure is an indoor adventure park and playground that features everything from ropes courses to slides and rock climbing walls!

This new indoor attraction offers an incredible variety of active adventures that are fun for all ages!

Reminiscent of an urban city museum, this indoor playground offers ropes courses, rock climbing walls, underground tunnels, multi-story slides, ziplining, and much more!

The kids and families visiting can easily spend several hours exploring everything there is to see and do at Fritz’s Indoor Adventure!

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