One of America’s Top Christmas Light Displays

Silver Dollar City’s Christmas light decorations, lights, and displays have been recognized the world-over for their amazing beauty and attraction – garnering the attention of worldwide media publications who have proclaimed the park as one of the top Christmas holiday destinations!

More than 4 million lights!

Sprinkled throughout the theme park you will see a breathtaking display of more than four million Christmas lights! From the town square’s multi-story tree to the lights that decorate the buildings, walkways, and trees – what you experience when you visit will be something that will leave you with memories you won’t ever forget!

Nightly Christmas Parade Through the Street!

Each night you will witness one of the most popular draws of the park during the holiday season – a parade that meanders its way through the paved paths up and down the hills of the property. Featuring more than 100,000 lights – this is something that will leave both kids and adults alike in awe and amazement.

Take a ride on the Frisco Station Sing-Along Train!

Grab some hot chocolate or cider as you embark on one of the most fun rides you can have in the winter season upon the Silver Dollar City train! You’ll sing along with your favorite holiday songs and carols and come upon a short play where you will hear the true meaning of Christmas!

Million-Dollar Shows!

A new addition to the park’s winter festivities is a range of live entertainment and shows – which have been produced at a cost of more than a million dollars! From “It’s a Wonderful Life” to other performances throughout the park – you won’t want to miss one of these fantastic acts!

Yes, the rides and roller coasters are still open!

Many people ask the question if the rides and attractions still go in winter or cold weather – the answer is… yes! While the roller coasters and rides do stay open during chillier temperatures, here’s a handy guide to let you know if (and when) certain rides might shut down for the safety of guests:

Rides Temperature When Ride Will Close
Hi-Lo Silos 32
Thunderation 32 ° (38 ° if there’s precipitation)
Electro Spin (Grand Exposition) 35 °
Elephant March (Grand Exposition) 35 °
Happy Frogs (Grand Exposition) 35 °
Ladybugs (Grand Exposition) 35 °
Lil’ Swings at Half Dollar Holler 35 °
Magnificent Wave Carousel (Grand Exposition) 35 °
Mighty Galleon (Grand Exposition) 35 °
Racing Regatta (Grand Exposition) 35 °
RiverBlast 35 °
Royal Tea Party (Grand Exposition) 35 °
Wings of Wonder (Grand Exposition) 35 °
The Giant Barn Swing 38 °
PowderKeg 40 °
WildFire 40 °
Grand Exposition Coaster (Grand Exposition) 42 °

So much to see, so much to do!

An Old Time Christmas has become a tradition for many families and friends that visit during this time of year. It has become one of the most popular couple of months to visit the park – and after stopping by… you’ll see why!